Newborn Session

Newborn Session

If you are planning to book a newborn photo session, I ask that you do so before they are two weeks old.  Generally, a baby that is 2 weeks old or younger have more of that “curled” look and they tend to be asleep for longer periods at a time.

I will be taking mostly bare shots of the baby with just a diaper cover, or in their birthday suit.  However,  if you have a an outfit (such as stuffed animals, blankets and sentimental items) you would like the baby to take photos with, please bring those. I have most of the knitted hats and props, but if you also have some knitted items or props, definitely bring those too. Parents should wear black shirts or white shirts (depending on which look you prefer).  Changing clothes is recommended for parents in case there is an accident.  🙂 Please do not have the baby wear socks because it will leave marks on the skin. Also, loose fitting, easy to remove clothing will be helpful

Make sure your newborn has a VERY FULL belly before you leave to come to the studio.  The full belly is to ensure that once you get to my studio we can start right with posing.  If you can keep your newborn up for 1-2 hours before coming that would help to make them a little sleepier for the session.

Mommies sit in the side of the studio during the session so that we can keep the newborn peaceful.  Sometimes if they smell or hear you that can make them restless and harder to pose.  It’s amazing how newborns work and their drive to eat!!  If your newborn needs to feed during the session, you can nurse in the studio or if you bring a bottle then I can feed your newborn.  I prefer to have a bottle, but if you are only nursing then we can take time out for that.  Also please bring a binkie for soothing.  Binkie works wonders while I pose them.   The studio is set to 80 degrees so make sure and dress light.  If you get too warm in the studio, feel free to step out the back door to cool off!  Again, your newborn needs to have a FULL belly before coming to the studio.

I aim to shoot on 3 different blankets, 2 different props, detail shots of toes, fingers etc.., family shots, sibling shots and shots with each parent.

If you want to watch a video on what to expect during a newborn photography session, please view the video below.


Newborn photography seattle from Alicen Lum on Vimeo.


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  • FritzDecember 1, 2014 - 6:29 pm


    My name is Fritz and I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant with a due date of December 23rd. I saw your site online I’m interested in making a reservation for a newborn photo session. Obviously I won’t know the date for the photo session until she arrives but I just wanted to get the wheels turning and inquire as to your availability in the last two weeks of December.ReplyCancel